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The Ideal Muslim – شخصية المسلم

7.50 د.ا

The Ideal Muslim – شخصية المسلم

• Author : Muhammad ‘Ali al-Hashimi
• Translator : Nasiruddin al-Khattab
• Publishing House : International Islamic Publishing House
• Edition number : 4
• Year of Publication : 2005
• No. of pages : 384
• Cover type : Hardcover
• ISBN : 9960-850-42-0

7.50 د.ا

The Ideal Muslim

Who is the ideal Muslim Man?

What Islamic traits does such a
being possess?

Is it even humanly possible to become an ideal Muslim

In this authentic Islamic book, Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi
guides the readers to practically adopt an Islamic personality and lifestyle,
and interact accordingly with others in the society.

So this Islamic self-help
book is a must-read for self-development and self-improvement.
It is also a rich source of material and ideas for study circles and discussion groups.

Weight 575 g
Dimensions 15 × 22 cm


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